My name is Visan Alexandru, I am 20 years old and I am a student at Istituto Tecnico Economico G.D. Romagnosi from Italy. I started programming 6 years ago with C++,then I started to study C# and in the last 2 years I have been studying CSS/HTML/JavaScript/React. I can work 8+ hours/day and also I can learn really fast. My skills are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SCSS, Materialize CSS, C++, C#.

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Football API project

A project I've done for a hackaton that displays the match information in real time without any ads using the fetch API.

Budget calculator app

A CRUD app made with Materialize which tracks your monthly expenses by adding a source of income and substracting the expenses. It calculates also the difference.

COVID-19 Tracker

A covid tracker made with React and Material UI that gets the daily cases of covid for all the countries and displays them in a chart

Lamborghini configurator

A copy of the original lamborghini site that lets you configure a car and gives you a price estimate for all the options